It's all in the details

My name is Kate and I am a Philadelphia/Wilmington based graphic designer who has been preparing for this profession since about the age of nine. From my experiences growing up as a dancer, singer, and performer, I learned a lot about commitment and self-motivation. 

I learned early on that criticism should be welcomed because it meant that you
were worth the time being spent. I also realized how empowering it was to use those failures as fuel for growth and improvement. 

When I found graphic design, I knew right away that it was the right fit. I've always wanted a career that will never cease to challenge me and I saw, through my time at the Tyler School of Art, my internship with J2 Design Partnership, and my job as a Designer at MKJ Creative, that I am excited about what I do, which is something that life so far has taught me is crucial. I am dedicated to the things I am passionate about, both in and outside of design, and I find motivation in every detail.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work. While I am currently employed, I am always interested freelance opportunities or just sayin hi! Please feel free to email me at - I would love to hear from you!